Lawn Aeration

Technically speaking, lawn aeration is the natural process of air exchange between the soil and the surrounding atmosphere. For our purposes; lawn aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. Lawn aeration is  commonly called “core aeration” in the lawn care industry, and you may have heard of it as soil cultivation (coring, spiking and slicing).  Lawn aeration or coring is the practice by which hollow tines or spoons are used to extract cores from the turf.  The depth of coring usually ranges from 3/4 to 2 1/2 inches.

When to have a professional Lawn Aeration treatment

Have you noticed that your grass is not looking as good as it could or that after a rain your lawn has difficulty absorbing the water?  Those are signs that you may need to have a lawn aeration service. Another indicator that your lawn may need a lawn aeration is to dig a 6” deep square-foot section of grass with a sturdy shovel and look to see if the roots of your sample are over 2” deep,  if not your lawn would benefit from lawn aeration.
Note: If you have had your lawn seeded or sodded within the past year lawn aeration is not advised.

Lawn Aeration – Benefits

  • Release of toxic gases from the soil.aeratinglawns Aeration
  • Improved wetting of dry or hydrophobic soils.
  • Accelerated drying of persistently wet soils.
  • Increased infiltration capacity.
  • Stimulated root growth within the holes.
  • Increased shoot growth atop the holes.
  • Disruption of soil-layers resulting from topdressing.
  • Control of thatch, especially where soil cores are reincorporated.
  • Improved turfgrass response to fertilizers and grub prevention.
  • Better results for over-seeding the lawn.


After your lawn has been aerated, the next step to ensuring that your lawn stays lush and green is over seeding.  Aerating your lawn and then over seeding it are productive ways to renovate your lawn. Many people will want to attempt these processes as a do-it-yourself project. Although it can be done, it is time consuming and requires knowledge about the best kinds of seeds to use with your soil. To ensure that the aeration and over seeding is done properly, contact the professionals at Turf Solutions. We can aerate and over seed your lawn for you which will give you the time and resources for another DIY project